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Internal News - 09 October 2008

Visiting Professor appointed in Physics

The University of Bath has appointed Jacques Yves Guigné as Visiting Professor in the Department of Physics.

Professor Guigné is a Senior Executive and Chief Scientist of PanGeo Subsea Inc. a corporation focused on advancing techniques for seabed mapping. Professor Guigné has strong historical links with the University, having done his PhD in Bath in 1986. Work done during his Ph.D. has since been commercially developed into a successful risk mitigation tool for offshore construction projects. During his time in Bath Professor Guigné plans to promote both academic and commercial activities in acoustics throughout Europe.

As Visiting Professor, Jacques will work with the Department’s Professor Nick Pace on a number of projects (both commercial and academic) arising from his broad interests in applications of acoustics. Along with Dr Blondel (also in Physics at Bath), they will investigate seabed acoustics, focusing on deriving acoustic measures and indices of benthic habitat health.

This research will involve a range of European partners. Included in his plans is the design of novel seismic techniques. Of particular interest will be the development of a “game changing” earth telescope for deep imaging of complex but subtle geological stratigraphies which cannot be seen using conventional seismic techniques. Professor Guigné will use Bath as a base for the modelling component of this work, and also for land tests to be performed in Europe.

Professor Guigné is also the Designer and Principal Investigator of an acoustic levitation-based space laboratory to be launched to the International Space Station during November this year. He will thus be bringing opportunities to Bath to perform research in space. Once installed and commissioned, his space facility will allow University of Bath physics students to participate in material and fluid experimentations within the unique environment of reduced gravity.