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Richard Guy
Richard Guy
Geof  Wood
Geof Wood

Internal News - 12 November 2008

University Research Advisers

The University has appointed two University Research Advisers to work with Jane Millar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, on the development and implementation of the University’s research strategy.

Richard Guy, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has been at the University for four years.

His research focuses on the physicochemical characterisation of biomembrane transport phenomena, particularly with respect to the rate and extent of drug absorption across the skin and other epithelia. He was Head of the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology from 2006 to 2008.

Geof Wood, Professor of International Development, has been at the University for 35 years.

His research interests are in human security, comparative welfare regimes and conditions of poverty (especially in South Asia). He was Head of the Department of Economics & International Development from 2000-2005 and Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences from 2005-2008.

Key tasks

The key tasks for the PVC Research and the University Research Advisers are to enhance our research capacity, to promote our research, to identify areas for strategic investment, and to ensure that the University is well placed to respond to external developments including changes in the research funding environment.

As first priorities, Professor Wood will focus on international research partnerships and improving the communication of our research. Professor Guy will concentrate on the development of progressive, high-quality postgraduate and postdoctoral research programmes and on issues of research data management.

Richard can be contacted by email R.H.Guy@bath.ac.uk or ext 4901, or via Maggie Pearce ext 6086.

Geof can be contacted by email G.D.Wood@bath.ac.uk or ext 6736, or by contacting his secretary Christine Dean or ext 3939.

Jane can be contacted by email pro-vc-research@bath.ac.uk or ext 6141 or by contacting her PA Sue Eglinton or ext 3162.