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Internal News - 24 November 2008

Research volunteers wanted: Earn £5 in 40 minutes

Charlotte McLeod, a PhD researcher in the Department of Psychology is looking for volunteers for her experiment into pain and self-regulation.

The experiment, which will take about 35-45 minutes, involves completeing some questionnaires, performing the cold pressor task, then filling in a few more questionnaires. (The cold pressor task is when a person puts their hand into cold water and removes it when they wish.)

The study is an examination of the effectiveness of pain coping strategies.

This is a different experiment to the one Charlotte carried out in May (and also different to Charlotte Mounce's research advertised a few weeks ago.) So if you participated in either of those, you can still volunteer for this one.

Those who take part will receive £5.

Please contact Charlotte on to arrange a convenient time.