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Internal News - 28 November 2008

2009 Pay Negotiations

Council discussed at its meeting, yesterday, the matter of national pay negotiations for 2009.

The implementation of the 5 per cent increase on 1 October 2008 was the last stage of the 2006-09 national pay agreement. As part of this pay agreement there was a commitment to reform national pay bargaining arrangements. The revised arrangements have been agreed by all the unions except the University and College Union (UCU).

As a result of the change of negotiating arrangements, the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) has written to all universities and colleges asking if they wish to participate in national pay negotiations in 2009. They have also set out the obligations of employers in relation to their participation in these negotiations.

There has been a wide consultation in the University about participation in national pay negotiations for 2009. Executive Committee, Heads of Departments and the Campus Trade Unions all supported the Vice-Chancellor’s recommendation that the University should participate in national pay bargaining in 2009.

This recommendation was supported by Council at its meeting yesterday. In reaching this decision Council accepted that it would be bound by the obligations placed on employers. The most significant of these obligations, accepted by Council, is the requirement to withhold pay if faced with industrial action such as a strike or partial performance of any kind.

I will keep you updated as the new negotiating process progresses.

Ian Cheetham Director of Human Resources