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Professor Geoff Hammond
Professor Geoff Hammond

Press Release - 19 December 2008

Five top tips to enjoy a lean and green Christmas

An environmental expert from the University of Bath has come up with five tips on ways to celebrate a green Christmas.

Professor Geoffrey Hammond, Director of the University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy & the Environment (I-SEE), said thinking about the environment this Christmas will also help households to save money.

“This Christmas is taking place under very exceptional circumstances,” he said. “The worldwide economic crisis is now having a major impact throughout the British economy. Many families will need to cut down their spending at this normally festive season.

“But this downturn is likely to be limited in duration - perhaps lasting for just a few years. There is another potential crisis that will be long lasting. This is the looming prospect of global warming that will result from the release of ‘greenhouse gases’ when we burn fossil fuels to provide energy services in buildings, products and transport. This could give rise to higher sea levels, more extreme weather events, and adverse effects on biodiversity and water supplies.”

Professor Hammond believes urgent action needs to be taken to combat climate change.

He said: “We need to act now to combat climate change and protect the environment more broadly, while helping to ensure our energy security, affordable warmth, and business competitiveness.

“I’ve come up with five ways in which we can all help to protect our planet, while behaving more frugally over the Christmas and New Year period. This is not about playing ‘Scrooge’ but we all need to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ wherever possible.”

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