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Working mother

Internal News - 22 December 2008

New research on lone mothers and employment published

Tess Ridge and Jane Millar, of the Department of Social & Policy Sciences, have just published another report from their ongoing longitudinal qualitative following the labour market experiences of lone mothers and how this affects the family as a whole.

Work and well-being over time: lone mothers and their children, published by the Department for Work & Pensions, reports findings from the third wave of the research. It includes material from in-depth interviews with mothers and their children.

These families, who were first interviewed in 2003, had in general managed to sustain employment and improve their living standards and well-being over time.

But the research also highlights how complexity and uncertainty in incomes could threaten to undermine and destabilise employment.

The government is currently introducing new policies to require more lone mothers to seek work, and this research is very relevant to these policy developments.

More information and the full report can be found via the Related Links section.