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Internal News - 08 February 2008

Sections of A36 to close for 12 weeks from April

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The University has been informed of two sets of roadworks to take place from 31 March.

The first will close the road junction from Winsley to Brassknocker Hill for three weeks. The second will close the viaduct section of the A36 for 12 weeks.

Please note - the information below is based on the latest messages we have received from the Highways Agency. However, due to the highly variable nature of the information we have received, the details below may change again.

Our main concern is to make members of the University community aware of the forthcoming scheme.

The proposed date for the commencement of both works is 31 March (this date will be finalised in the next fortnight).

Winsley/Brassknocker - 7 weeks from 31 March

From 31 March to 20 April, the junction of Winsley Road-A36-Brassknocker Hill will be closed to everyone except pedestrians.

During this period, motorists who usually use the junction to access the University are advised to continue along the A363 through Bathford and use the Bathampton Toll Bridge - 50p per crossing. (Please see note below about Bathampton gatehouse regarding routes from the toll bridge to the University campus.)

From 21 April to 25 May, access at the junction will be restricted to light vehicles during the day. The route will be very narrow, camper vans may struggle to get through.

The junction will be closed completely at night. Hours of opening will be confirmed shortly but will definitely include the morning and evening peaks.

Note for bus users: throughout the seven weeks, the junction will be open to pedestrians. Temporary bus stops (and additional lighting) will be installed at the bottom of Brassknocker and on the Winsley Road, so pedestrians may walk through and catch buses at the other side of the roadworks.

A36 at the viaduct - 12 weeks from 31 March

This section of road will be completely closed for a period of 12 weeks from 31 March. Midford Lane will also be completely closed.

Temporary bus stops (and additional lighting) will be installed on either side of the roadworks, so pedestrians may walk through and catch buses at the other side of the road closure.

Alternative routes for vehicles are suggested below from the towns south of Bath where staff and students may be affected:

Trowbridge - Come via Bradford on Avon and the toll bridge (or Winsley if that junction is open). If you usually join the A36 from A366 through Farleigh Hungerford, you will have to turn left at Brown Shutters junction, (see details below about the gatehouse on A36 slightly north of Brown Shutters), and immediately right towards Norton St Philip. Proceed along B3110 through Hinton Charterhouse, along Midford Road. Turn right at the roundabout along Bradford Road (A3062) and proceed to campus.

Warminster & Frome - Take A362 to Frome, then A367 to Bath via Radstock and Peasedown, (See details below about gatehouse on A36 at Beckington Bypass). Turn right along Bradford Road (A3062) and proceed to campus.

Freshford - Turn left on to A36, then right up Branch Road towards Hinton Charterhouse. Turn right at the junction with B3110 through Hinton Charterhouse along Midford Road. Turn right at the roundabout along Bradford Road (A3062) and proceed to campus. Please note that we have been warned that if the route via Freshford is over-used, Branch Road will be closed completely. This is to avoid "rat running" from Upper Westwood and south Bradford.


There will be three gatehouses in operation on A36 throughout the 12 week period:

1 Near Bathampton junction, opposite Hantone Hill.
University commuters who come over the toll bridge, up Down Lane and want to turn left along the A36 then Claverton Road (past the American Museum) to access campus will be allowed through the gatehouse. (See note on Windscreen Permits below.) However to avoid queues, you may prefer to turn right along the A36 and use North Road.

2 Beckington Bypass
The main carriageway will be closed and a gatehouse in the lay-by will regulate traffic. Heavy vehicles will be directed to Bath along the A350 and A4. University traffic may be able to use the A36 to access B3110 at Woolverton. However, gatehouse staff will be able to divert vehicles along other routes, depending on heaviness of traffic using this route.

3 Brown Shutters - A36/A366 to Trowbridge via Farleigh Hungerford and Wingfield.
This gatehouse, situated on the A36 slightly north of the junction, will restrict all but essential traffic to avoid over-use of Branch Road , which runs between the A36 and Hinton Charterhouse. University staff and students should use the Norton St Philip road instead.

Windscreen permits

THe Highways Agency are publicising windscreen permits to help speed local residents and business users through the gatehouses. However, they are unable, at present, to be clear whether permits will be available to members of the University community. Senior staff at the University and a representative from the Highways agency are due to meet next week to clarify this and other details of the scheme.

Why are the roadworks necessary?

Please see the details in the Related Links section.