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Dr Araxi Urrutia Odabachian
Dr Araxi Urrutia Odabachian

Internal News - 11 March 2008

Researcher wins early career award for high impact science

Dr Araxi Urrutia Odabachian, a Research Fellow in the Department of Biology & Biochemistry, has been awarded the Biochemical Society's Early Career Research Award.

This prize is awarded biannually by the Biochemistry Society to recognise high impact research by early career scientists. As part of the prize, Dr Urrutia Odabachian will give an award lecture at the University about her research and will be presented with a medal.

Dr Urrutia Odabachian was nominated by Dr David Tosh, from the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University, for her research on human genomics.

“I felt very honoured when David nominated me and would also like to thank Professors Laurence Hurst from the University of Bath and Brian Charlesworth from University of Edinburgh for supporting this nomination,” said Dr Urrutia Odabachian.

“I was delighted with this prize. It is a great incentive as a woman scientist.”

Dr Urrutia Odabachian joined the University of Bath in September 2007 as a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow. She also holds a 2007 L’Oreal UK Women in Science Fellowship.

Dr Urrutia Odabachian previously carried out her PhD studies in the department under the supervision of Professor Hurst. Her results earned her several awards, including the University’s Ede & Ravenscroft award and the L’Oreal-Royal Institution science graduate of the year award in 2003.