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Internal News - 13 February 2009

Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council open access decision

A recent decision by EPSRC means that all seven research councils in the UK now mandate that publicly funded research be openly available and accessible.

EPSRC was the only one which hadn't already adopted an open access mandate; the others having announced theirs back in 2006.

The EPSRC Council agreed at its December meeting to mandate open access publication, but that academics should be able to choose whether they use the so-called green option (ie self-archiving in an online repository such as Opus) or to use the gold option (ie pay-to-publish in an open access journal).

EPSRC will be publishing further details of its policy in Spring 2009.

University of Bath researchers are able to meet this mandate by self-archiving a version of their publication in Opus, the University research repository.

For those who may wish to pay-to-publish should note that when submitting grant applications to the Research Councils that publication fees may be charged as directly-incurred costs under the ‘other’ costs heading on the standard electronic application form.

For further information on open access, contact the Research Publications Librarian, Kara Jones via