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Professor Luke O'Neill
Professor Luke O'Neill

Internal News - 03 March 2008

Inaugural lecture on toll-like receptors

The Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology will host the inaugural UCB-Prize Lecture, to be given by Professor Luke O’Neill from Trinity College Dublin and co-founder of Opsona Therapeutics, at 4.15pm on Wednesday 12 March in 3WN 2.1.

Professor O’Neill will talk about toll-like receptors, the front-line receptors that trigger the body’s innate immune response and promote inflammation.

“We have learnt a lot about the role of toll-like receptors in infectious and inflammatory diseases and also the intricacies of the signaling pathways they utilise to drive immune and inflammatory gene expression,” said Professor O’Neill.

This lecture will outline the history of the research field, describe key features of toll-like receptors, and explore their role in disease and recent advances in our understanding of how they signal.

The event is sponsored by UCB-Celltech and the department will hold a small reception and poster session in the foyer outside 3WN 2.1 with wine, beer and snacks.

The lecture is open to anyone to attend. Tickets are not required.