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Internal News - 08 April 2008

New starters in March 2008

The New Starters update gives the name, job title and department of all new members of staff at the University who started in the previous month.

Academic Registrar's Department
Marika Klestadt, Study Abroad Assistant
Nicola Peacock, International Student Support Manager

Dept of Architecture & Civil Engineering
Sara Paganoni, Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate

Dept of Biology & Biochemistry
Dr Ginny Gould, Project Assistant

Dept of Chemical Engineering
Dr Enhong Cao, Research Officer
Lacey-Jane Davis, Research Assistant

Dept of Chemistry
Michael Page, Research Officer

Dept of Computer Science
Dr Veronica Sundstedt, Cognitive Systems Outreach Officer

Dept of Electronic &Electrical Engineering
Dr Hongbo Liu, Research Officer

Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Dr Carlo Ferri, Metrology & Automation Engineer
Philipp Glockner, Teaching Fellow

Dept of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Christian Rehbein, Instrumentation Technician

Ben Tiley, Porter Cleaner

Human Resources
Bruce Keeling, HR Manager

Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office
Dr Santiago Suki Ekaratne, Academic Staff Developer
Dr Alex Furr Learning, Technology Officer

Malgorzata Swiderska, Cleaner

School for Health
Catherine Flower, Research Administrator (Tobacco Control)

James Norval, Parking Warden