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Internal News - 12 May 2008

Hoax email sent to University accounts

Message from Andrew Lee, Assistant Director (User Services), BUCS:

Earlier today, a fraudulent email, claiming to be from "Web" and asking for people's username, password and date of birth, was sent to nearly 5,000 University email accounts.

This email was detected by BUCS staff within 12 minutes of its arrival; the return address was blocked, and anyone attempting to reply since that time have been informed of the scam.

The University receives around half a million emails each day. Over 95% of these are identified as fraudulent or malicious and rejected automatically. The attack experienced this morning was novel, but systems are now in place so that it, too, cannot be repeated.

No genuine organisation, be it BUCS or your online bank, will ever ask you to email them with personal details such as your password.

If you receive such an email at the University, please tell BUCS and they will act immediately.