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The new lecture series is launched at Whitehall
The new lecture series is launched at Whitehall

Press Release - 15 May 2008

Inaugural conference on importance of environmental economics

The International Centre for the Environment hosted the inaugural conference in the series: Sustaining future ecosystem services – from understanding to action at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall, London, on the 16 April.

The speakers considered the importance of environmental economics and natural capital in ensuring future sustainability. There was significant debate amongst participants.

Peter Vass from the School of Management who presented his ten-point-plan for tackling dangerous climate change cost effectively, said: “The conference succeeded in integrating academic perspectives with the policy thinking necessary to address erosion of bio-diversity, exhaustion of non-renewable resources, and the best means of controlling global greenhouse gas emissions.”

The event was chaired by Lord Christopher Tugendhat, Chancellor of the University. It attracted key industrial, regulatory and academic figures including: Sir John Harman, Chairman of the Environment Agency; Jonathan Brearley, Director of the Office of Climate Change; Professor Paul Ekins, King’s College; and Professor Anil Markandya, Department of Economics & International Development.

The conference series is jointly funded by the Economic & Social Research Council and the Natural Environment Research Council.

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