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Internal News - 19 May 2008

Bangladesh: A case of development gone wrong?

Drs Joe Devine and Allister McGregor will give a talk tonight at the BRLSI entitled “Wellbeing and democratic challenges: Learning from Bangladesh”.

In January 2007 a State of Emergency was announced in Bangladesh and an army-backed caretaker government assumed political power. The State of Emergency was seen as a necessary measure to bring to an end months of violent confrontation between the main political parties that had paralysed the country.

Since coming to power, the caretaker government has pursued an aggressive anti-corruption programme that has led to the arrests of over 200 senior politicians, and introduced a number of reforms aimed at strengthening the democratic process.

New elections are expected in December 2008.

In their talk, Drs Devine and McGregor will draw on research carried out under the Wellbeing in Developing Countries research programme (see Related Links) to explore key questions that arise from the recent experience in Bangladesh:

The talk at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution (BRLSI), Queens Square, starts at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend: students/members: £1, visitors: £2.