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Internal News - 11 December 2008

Students reminded to disclose mitigating circumstances in advance of exams

A message from the Student Records & Examinations Office:

Mitigating Circumstances

University examinations begin on Monday 12 January. Students taking examinations during this period should ensure that they are familiar with the University’s procedures for notifying their departments of any mitigating circumstances affecting their studies.

What are ‘mitigating circumstances’?

Mitigating circumstances may be any event or illness which has adversely affected your ability to attend classes, revise or perform to your ability in an examination or other assessment. Rarely, mitigating circumstances may be so severe as to prevent you from attending an examination at all.

What do I need to do?

If you feel that you may have mitigating circumstances you should let your department know as soon as possible and in any event no later than three days after the affected assessment. A form is available in the Related Links section on this page or directly from your department.

It is in your interests, wherever possible, to supply as much evidence to support your case as you can. If you are suffering from an illness you should ask your doctor for a doctor’s note outlining the nature of the illness. Other circumstances should also be supported by relevant evidence. It is your responsibility to ensure that this evidence is supplied together with the mitigating circumstances form. You should also be as clear as possible about the timescales within which your studies were affected and the units / examinations that were affected.

If you are about to sit an examination you should in most circumstances attend the examination, even if you feel you will not be able to perform to the best of your ability. If you are unable to attend an examination you should make every effort to consult with the Director of Studies for your programme in advance.

How will disclosing mitigating circumstances help me?

Knowing about circumstances which are affecting your studies will help your department to support you through your studies and will help Boards of Examiners to assess your overall performance fairly when making decisions about your academic progression or your final award classification.

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