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One research project is exploring how mobile phones should sound

Internal News - 02 May 2008

Can you help? Volunteers needed for research projects

We currently have three research projects looking for volunteers.

The subjects range from relationships between patient & doctor to ring tones to self regulation:

You and your doctor

Professor of Social Psychology, Bas Verplanken, is conducting a study looking at the relationship between patient and doctor.

The study consists of an internet-based survey, and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Everyone can take part in the study - you don't need to be currently receiving any treatment.

To take part in the survey please see Related Links section.

(The research has been approved by the Ethics Committee in the Department of Psychology).

Mobile phone audio notifications: "Why beep-beep!?"

PhD student Stavros Garzonis is looking for volunteers to complete a 10 minute online survey on how mobile phones should sound.

As part of his PhD in Human Computer Interaction, Stavros is exploring the amount of information non-speech everyday sounds can carry when heard out of context - can they make mobile phone notifications more meaningful and interesting?

His aim is not to create more notifications or advertising, but merely to make audio notifications more useful for those who want them. Why should we stick to the old boring "beep-beep"?

To complete the survey, the volunteers, who need to be without hearing problems, will need PC speakers, or headphones if you are in a noisy environment; and a browser that accepts cookies.

Please see Related Links to go to the survey

Self regulation study - £3 to take part

Participants are needed to take part in a study on self regulation being run by Charlotte McLeod, PhD researcher in the Department of Psychology.

The experiment, which will take about 30 minutes, involves a questionnaire and a ‘cold pressor’ task - when a person puts their hand into cold water and removes it when they feel uncomfortable.

As a thank you for taking part, participants will be given £3 and entered into a prize draw for £50.

The study is taking place in the 5 South Psychology laboratory (there are balloons outside the building). Please email Charlotte to arrange a time that is suitable for you.