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Steven McGuire book cover

Press Release - 20 May 2008

The challenging relationship of the European Union and the United States

A major new text co-authored by a University of Bath academic which exposes the complexities of the relationship between the EU and the US and looks at its impact worldwide, will be discussed at a public question-and-answer session on 3 June at the Claverton campus (3 West 4.7, 5.15-7pm).

The European Union and the United States: competition and convergence in the global arena is by Dr Steve McGuire, a Senior Lecturer in the University's School of Management; and Michael Smith, Professor of European Politics at Loughborough University, who is widely regarded as one of Europe's leading scholars on European-American relations and European integration. The book will be published on 30 May.

Dr McGuire said: “The book looks at the changing relationship between the EU and the US in the 21st century and analyses the changing patterns of competition and convergence between the two. It evaluates its past, present and possible futures.

“The relationship between the EU and the US is simultaneously highly significant and immensely challenging, both as the subject of academic analysis and as a subject of policy-making in both the EU and the US.

“Much has been made of the 'decline' of Europe and America. New powers are emerging, but the EU and the US remain central to the solutions for global problems.

“It is significant because the EU and the US are two of the most weighty actors in the world arena, and because they are highly engaged in each others' economic and political processes. What happens between the EU and the US matters, both to those directly involved and to those within the broader world arena by whom the effects of EU-US interactions are felt.”

All are welcome to the book launch on 3 June at the Claverton campus (3 West 4.7, 5.15-7pm). Dr McGuire will present and answer questions about his new book, limited copies of which will be available to buy at a discounted price of £17.99 (normally £22.99).

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