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Dr Frank Marken
Dr Frank Marken

Internal News - 23 May 2008

Chemistry lecturer wins prize in Analytical Chemistry

Dr Frank Marken, who is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, has been awarded the prestigious Theophilus Redwood Lectureship of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Dr Marken has established an international reputation for his innovative work in the area of electroanalytical chemistry, which involves using highly sensitive electrochemical methods to detect and quantify different substances.

He has shown how the sensitivity of electroanalytical methods can be greatly enhanced using microwave and ultrasound.

Dr Marken said: "It is very nice and motivating to receive the Theophilius Redwood Lecturer award. It's great to see that fundamental research does contribute to solving real analytical problems and that simple laboratory ideas, such as the use of liquid-liquid interfaces in ion recognitions processes, can translate into new experimental and technological developments.

“Hopefully, this award will be the beginning for further developments in this field of research and it will further contribute to making Bath an internationally recognised centre for research."

The international prize and the associated lectureship commemorate, in the name of its first President, the foundation in 1874 of the Society of Public Analysts that eventually became the Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry.