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Michelin chef Chris Horridge
Michelin chef Chris Horridge

Internal News - 09 May 2008

Michelin-chef and Bath chemist cook up a winning dish

Dr John Fossey, in the Department of Chemistry, appeared on the BBC 2 programme Great British Menu last night, alongside local Michelin-starred chef Chris Horridge from The Bath Priory Hotel, Spa & Restaurant.

The programme follows the progress of regional chefs as they compete to cook a four-course dinner for celebrities, world-class chefs and gourmets in the Gherkin building in London. In last night’s programme Chris beat off the competition to become regional finalist.

Chef Chris Horridge has been working with Dr Fossey, Dr Tony James and undergraduate students from the Department of Chemistry for a year on a number of projects concerning nutrition and the health implications of diet and food combinations.

After visiting the research laboratories on campus, Chris was inspired to equip his kitchen with some laboratory apparatus including the rotary evaporator he used to extract flavours for his dish on last night’s show.

Dr Fossey and colleagues are working with Chris on his ‘three dimensional cuisine’ concept – that food should look appealing, taste good and be good for your health.

Dr Fossey said: “We use analytical chemistry to verify and sometimes challenge existing theories about nutrition.

“Our undergraduates have taken part in research projects as diverse as: investigating the addition of spices to food to help nutrient retention; analysing the saccharides found in the sap of trees on campus; and calcium bioavailability in milk and oil degradation upon cooking at high temperatures.”