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Internal News - 12 June 2008

Invitation to discuss development opportunities for the Women's Studies Centre

You are invited to attend an open meeting to discuss the future and development opportunities for the University's Women's Studies Centre.

The meeting will take place on Monday 16 June at 12.15pm in 1 West 2.7.

All those who conduct research in Women’s & Gender Studies, or have an interest in it, are very welcome to attend.

A sandwich lunch will be provided.

Background information

As part of the three-year review of the Centre for Women’s Studies, the University Research Committee has asked the Centre to explore options on how to take the Centre forward, following the Faculty Research Committee’s recommendation that ‘the Centre should be more proactive in seeking new members from within the University, and should be more focused in its activity and research agenda’.

The Centre was established in 1994 with an initial core membership from the Departments of ESML, Social & Policy Sciences, and Psychology and from the School of Management. It formalised the activities of staff who conducted research in Women’s & Gender Studies and served as a catalyst for collaborative, interdepartmental research.

The Centre’s main activities have been workshops and conferences leading to interdisciplinary publications and the seminar series with three to four internal and external speakers per semester. The research of current members include, among other topics: women in politics; women and governance; gender roles and the family; gender, migration and ethnicity; gender and generation in feminism and culture; and gender and memory.

The current process of review is a welcome opportunity to rethink the Centre’s remit. While current members stress their ongoing commitment to continuing research and scholarship in the field of women’s and gender studies, we also recognize that we might benefit from refocused activity, taking into account changes that have taken place recently in the scholarship in Women’s Studies, the national situation around Women’s Studies and the type of public interest in gender-related issues, as well as in the University’s definition and expectations of a University Centre.

Following a recent preliminary meeting between the Director of the Centre and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, we are now calling an Open Meeting aimed at:

For further information, please contact Adalgisa Giorgio (ESML), Director, Women’s Studies Centre