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Internal News - 22 July 2008

ICE hosts international conference on environmental sustainability

The International Centre for the Environment (ICE) hosted the conference ‘Sustaining Future Ecosystem Services – From Understanding to Action’ at the University on 9 July.

The event attracted over 80 delegates to hear from key national and international figures from industry, academia and regulators, to discuss the importance of environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) as a tool for evaluating the sustainability of ecosystem services.

Chaired by the Director of ICE, Professor Geoff Hammond, the event was jointly funded by the Economic & Social Research Council and the Natural Environment Research Council and is the second in a series of conferences.

Dr Marcelle McManus, who presented ongoing research at the University regarding the application of life cycle assessment to bioenergy production, said: “Reducing the environmental impact of the goods and services we use is key to future sustainability; the application of tools such as LCA will play a vital role in informing this process”.