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Internal News - 25 July 2008

Do you know any recently retired people to participate in research?

As people are living longer, and can look forward to many years of retirement, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is no longer an issue only for the young.

Researchers in the School for Health are working on a study to look at how people’s lifestyles change when they retire, and the factors that infuence their choices regarding how they spend their time.

In particular, they are looking at physical activity and dietary habits which can have a significant continuing impact on health and well-being way beyond the age of retirement.

Previous research has suggested that it may be easier to break old habits, and forge new ones at times of transition like retirement, as the environment around you is changing too.

Therefore, this work is being undertaken as a provisional study to explore whether the time around retirement may represent a real opportunity for interventions aimed at helping people to make positive changes to their lifestyle, before they settle into bad habits that we all know are so difficult to break.

As part of the study, the research team are looking for recently retired adults to take part in interviews about their lifestyle and how it has changed since retirement. In particular, they are looking for people who are not involved in much regular physical activity, that is, who take exercise on fewer than two days a week.

If someone you know fits this description and would be interested in talking about what has changed for them since retirement, the researchers would be very keen to hear their views.

To volunteer or find out more, please contact Fay Beck on 01225 384387.