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Internal News - 03 July 2008

8 West was NOT on fire

The University has been working hard this year to develop its capacity to cope in the case of a major incident (like a fire or flu pandemic). As part of this, an exercise took place yesterday involving Registry staff and a number of teams within BUCS.

Under the scenario both 8 West and Wessex House were inaccessible due to a major fire.

As much as possible of a week’s teaching commitments had to be rescheduled under considerable time pressure.

The Timetabling Office (usually based in Wessex House) unexpectedly found themselves working yesterday from 2 South and managed in just two hours to complete the task.

The exercise was run by the University Secretary and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching) assisted by its Business Continuity Development Manager, Fran Saunders.

Mark Humphriss, University Secretary, said afterwards: “Exercises are an invaluable way of helping to ensure the University is well prepared for any major incident. The Timetabling Office did a first class job in a very short time, finding creative solutions; we all learned valuable lessons from it.”