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Professor Paul Raithby
Professor Paul Raithby

Internal News - 04 July 2008

Professor Paul Raithby wins international Structural Chemistry Award

Professor Paul Raithby, an EPSRC Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry and President of the British Crystallographic Association, has been awarded the prestigious Prize for Structural Chemistry by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Professor Raithby is a world leader in the area of time resolved chemical crystallography and is using the technique to develop models for new, more efficient, data storage materials.

He has recently made the first ‘molecular movie’ of a molecule changing structure when it is irradiated with ultra violet light by taking snapshots of the structure using synchrotron X-ray radiation.

Professor Raithby said: “It is a great honour to receive this award in recognition of the work that my research group has been carrying out in the area of structural chemistry for a number of years. I view it very much as the recognition of a team effort which has involved my own research group here in Bath, scientists at the Synchrotron Radiation Source, at Daresbury, and collaborators in France and the USA.

“We hope that the work that we are doing on time resolved crystallography will, one day, make the technique accessible to a wide range of chemists, biologists and materials scientists and help in the development of a wide range of new materials.”

In the citation for the award, Professor Raithby was noted for: “his wide-ranging structural studies of organometallic and organic materials, including influential contributions to the use of synchrotron radiation in structural chemistry, leading contributions in organometallic polymers and ground-breaking developments in excited-state crystallography."

The international award is sponsored by the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre and is one of a number of industrial awards presided over by the Royal Society of Chemistry.