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Professor James Davenport

Press Release - 07 July 2008

Professor joins International Mathematical Union committee

Professor James Davenport, in the Department of Computer Science, has been nominated for a four-year term on the International Mathematical Union's (IMU) Committee on Electronic Information & Communication (CEIC).

Professor John Toland FRS, in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, past President of the London Mathematical Society, one of the world's oldest national mathematical societies, and a founding society of the IMU, said: "While mathematical research has benefited greatly from the widespread use of electronic communication, the publication and archiving of mathematical materials that may be available to all, electronically and in perpetuity, continues to pose special challenges.

“It is on such matters that CEIC advises the IMU, and Professor Davenport’s long involvement with OpenMath, and with the European Mathematical Trust, makes him well-qualified to contribute to this task."

Professor Davenport added: "Access to two-dimensional notation is particularly challenging for the visually impaired. My work with Mesar Hameed, a blind student, both as his lecturer and as Director of Studies, which includes liaison with the valuable work done by Learning Support here at Bath, has given me an insight into the problems that must be addressed."

For more on Mesar Hameed, see the link to the left.

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