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Internal News - 01 August 2008

Welcome to the new Research, Development & Support Office (RDSO)

Today the University launches its new Research Development & Support Office. The RDSO brings together the Research Support & Funding team (formerly the Research Support Unit), the Research Development & Collaborations team and the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships team.

Combining these three teams provides an inclusive service to support and enhance our international reputation by growing externally funded research, improving grant application success rates, growing our portfolio of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and enhancing the central strategic and operational support to academic departments.

The Research Support & Funding (RS&F) team continues to provide pre- and post-award administrative support for research funding applications, including the provision of costing advice, support training and guidance.

The Research Development & Collaborations (RD&C) team enables academic staff to increase research income by providing support in the following key areas: (i) long-term collaborative proposals; (ii) managed calls for proposals; (iii) fellowships; and (iv) first grants. The team will also offer a PRINCE2 accredited project management service to academic staff leading large, interdisciplinary, multi-partner projects.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) team continues to provide the highest level of support in the development, drafting and submission of KTP proposals and provide post-award programme management.

The service provided by the RDSO will be bolstered by the appointment of a new Senior Contracts Manager to enhance and streamline the contract negotiation process.

For further information, please contact Sylvia Wardle ext 3519.