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Bus on campus

Internal News - 14 August 2008

Bus pass price increase delayed until 1 September

First Bus announced their annual fare increase on 3 August, nearly a month earlier than usual.

However, STA Travel and the Students' Union have negotiated with First Bus, who have agreed to defer the increase until the customary date of 1 September.

This means that students and staff still have time to purchase bus passes before prices go up.

Bus users are permitted to buy multiple bus passes at the lower price and validate them when needed later in the year.

STA Travel Shop, located at the west end of the Parade, is open 9.30am-5pm weekdays (Weds 10am-5pm) and 10am-4pm on Saturdays.

The increases from 1 September will be:

Please note: These reduced rate passes are only available from the STA Travel Shop.