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Internal News - 14 August 2008

Changes to immigration system - impact on University of Bath

The UK Border Agency recently published plans for the student immigration rules, which are expected to come into effect in April 2009.

The new rules tie in with other changes to the immigration system in the UK as it moves to a new points-based system (PBS).

These changes will have a significant impact both on UK HEIs and international students who need permission to study in the UK.

The University of Bath, along with all UK HEIs, will need to register as a sponsor over the coming months and will then be issued with a licensing number. When the rules becomes active next spring, students will then be able to apply for a Certificate of Acceptance (CAS) for Bath, which will permit them to apply for entry clearance to the UK as students.

In order to retain our position as sponsors (which is essential if we wish to continue to recruit international students), there are a number of requirements with which we must comply.

The Recruitment & Admissions Office and the International Office are in close contact with UKBA and UUK about the detail and will provide further information on the impact on admissions processes as soon as possible.

Students have been informed of the changes and advised to keep up to date with developments and how they will affect them.

For further details, please contact the University's International Student Support Manager, Nicola Peacock