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Alison Tippetts

Internal News - 04 August 2008

MAIT student passes competitive UN interpreting test

Alison Tippetts, a current student on the MA Interpreting & Translation (MAIT) programme, has successfully passed the highly competitive UN interpreting test in Geneva.

This is an enormous achievement as it is extremely rare for anyone to pass this test without having previously worked in the profession for several years.

The teaching staff on the MAIT programme have been impressed by Alison’s hard work and dedication to mastering the rigours and complexities of Simultaneous Interpreting. It is a very difficult skill to acquire and takes many hundreds of hours of practice to be able to listen to a speech in one language and to simultaneously interpret it into another language.

Alison followed the Path 1 programme learning to interpret from French and Spanish into English. However, in addition to this Alison can also interpret out of German, Italian and Portuguese and into Spanish.

Speaking of her achievement Alison said: "Having worked in translation for many years, I was keen to break into interpreting.

"The MAIT course at Bath exceeded my expectations in the standard of teaching and opportunities offered. It was extremely fulfilling to work with supportive tutors who are themselves experienced interpreters.

"The placement programme, and meetings with professionals, organised throughout the course were invaluable opportunities to gain a realistic understanding of the demands of the profession. It has been a fantastic year."