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Areas of possible development on Claverton Campus
Areas of possible development on Claverton Campus
Landscaping around the Sports Training Village
Landscaping around the Sports Training Village

Press Release - 01 September 2008

University launches website to report on campus development consultation

The University of Bath has launched a new website to publish the collated results of its recent discussions with staff and students, local residents, key stakeholders and consultants on the development of its campus. The next step for the University is to produce a draft campus Masterplan for public consultation later in the year.

The first phase of the University’s consultation process was held at the Hilton Hotel in the City of Bath in late 2007, and the second was held at its Claverton Campus in April 2008.

The purpose of the second phase was to prompt more detailed feedback on the comments and themes raised in phase one. It was also to give local people the opportunity to have their say on a much broader range of issues relating to the University.

Sustainability was by far the greatest priority for the general public. The University is already committed to improving its environmental sustainability, and many of the suggestions raised are consistent with its current environmental policies and initiatives.

Specific topics highlighted include energy production, waste and recycling, pollution, ecology and new initiatives, including suggested activities on and off campus.

The new website is presented in four sections. The initial pages provide facts and figures about the University; the second section explains the context for the Masterplan development; and the third and fourth sections provide the outcomes of the primary and secondary consultation phases respectively.

The University’s Masterplanning Steering Group is currently working with consultants to develop a draft Masterplan. This work is being informed by the outcomes of the consultation process, by the results of a detailed transport study and by an ecological and economic assessment survey.

The draft Masterplan proposals are therefore not available on the website yet but the public are invited to use the website as an opportunity to view the collated results and to post further feedback.

Jennifer Joynt, Research Officer in the University’s Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering said of the new website: “It offers all those who took the time to come along and participate in the process an opportunity to see whether their views are shared by other stakeholders.

“The results reflect a diverse range of opinions, on issues ranging from easily resolved house-keeping points, which the University intends to address as a priority, to more complex issues, which require a balanced approach to achieve the best result.

“An open dialogue has now been established following the consultation results, the University is committed to listening to ideas and suggestions, which will inform the future building development of its Claverton Campus.”

The University will publish the draft Masterplan for further comments in the autumn of 2008.

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