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Stephanie Marshall
Stephanie Marshall feels much more positive about Agresso than a year ago

Internal News - 15 September 2008

Light at the end of the Agresso tunnel - one user's story

This time last year many staff were groaning under the pressure of having to adjust to the new finance system, Agresso.

There is never a good time to introduce a new package that would have such an impact on so many people, and understandably the last year has flagged up some teething problems.

However, one year on one user – Stephanie Marshall - talks about her experience of Agresso and how she feels there is most definitely light at the end of the tunnel:

“I work in the Events & Ceremonies Office which is responsible for planning and organising the ceremonial side of the University’s award ceremonies. The summer ceremonies take place at the end of June or beginning of July each year – just before year end.

This year every venue hired and service purchased was entered on Agresso and the purchase orders sent to our many suppliers.

On my return to the office, after a very busy week at the ceremonies, all I needed to do was the easy job of goods receiving the purchase orders. There was no need (as in previous years) to chase suppliers to get the invoices in for year end and to list the many non received invoices manually as the Creditors Return is run centrally from Agresso.

Of the 10 years I have been at the University, this last one has been the easiest and most accurate year end for the Department of Corporate Communications, with only a Payment in Advance Return being completed, all other returns being completed by Agresso.

This time last year I was full of apprehension at the thought of Agresso because I really would not describe myself as the most savvy where finance packages are concerned. However, one year on I feel I have managed to become a fairly confident user.

The only problem I am still experiencing is my monthly budget reporting: I am spending too much time formatting reports in Excel. But I have contacted the Agresso team and they have offered to help me address this problem with some additional training.

The Agresso team, particularly Howard Crowter-Jones, Richard Farrow and Rob Coles, need congratulating on their patience and understanding with users like me.

I would encourage other users who may still be struggling with certain aspects of Agresso to persevere and to ask for help. It does get better!”

Help is at hand!

The Agresso Team are still running training sessions, both for new users and those who have been using the system for a while but are still not fully confident with it.

Howard Crowter-Jones said: "The course content for Purchasing has been revised to cover Internal Ordering in much more detail, as well as updated to reflect new ways of working. Courses are now available on Purchase to Pay, Raising Invoices and Reporting.

"Even if you have attended a course already, please feel free to refresh and improve your knowledge. We have learned loads since we first started so we have more knowledge to share.

"Richard Farrow and myself will be running further Reporting Workshops. These consist of about an hour of teaching then free time to stay with us and work on your own report needs or go back to your desk and experiment."

Please see Related Links for course dates that have already been set. Details of the Reporting Workshops will be sent out in a forthcoming Agresso newsletter.

Please address any queries/issues about Agresso to the MIS helpdesk,, ext 3434.