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Internal News - 19 September 2008

Blackwell opens temporary bookshop on campus

Our new campus book supplier, Blackwell, will be providing a flexible book purchasing service this session, including:

Books ordered online will be delivered to the temporary bookshop in 3 West 2.8(a) during the operational period of the facility and to a special point in the Library after 7 November 2008.

Current delivery data from similar operations in UK universities indicate that 64% of in stock titles are delivered within 24 hours, 78% of orders are dispatched within 2 days and 96% are dispatched with one week. Blackwell will also deliver to off campus addresses.

Note to academic staff: Please add your reading lists to the Blackwell site if you have not already done so.

If you have any queries about the new arrangements, please contact Dr Nicky Kemp on ext 6600.