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Internal News - 19 September 2008

ESML hosts a workshop on controlling biological weapons

The Department of European Studies and Modern Languages is hosting a workshop on 18-19 September for invited experts from Europe and the USA to discuss a new framework for controlling the development and use of biological weapons.

Science and technology, particularly the areas of biology and chemistry, are advancing at a rapid rate. As a result, current regulatory instruments to control the misuse of biology and chemistry for hostile purposes, some of which date back to the 1970s, are becoming rapidly obsolete.

This workshop, organised by Dr Alexander Kelle, is investigating a new Framework Convention for Biochemical Controls (FCBC) that will be expanding existing principles to prevent all hostile use of biology and chemistry in a terrorist or warfare context.

The workshop will also analyse the latest academic thinking about framework conventions, learning from existing framework conventions in areas such as climate change, biodiversity and tobacco control.