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Internal News - 19 September 2008

Freshers arrive on campus

Freshers will be arriving from the morning of Saturday 20 September 2008, throughout Sunday 21 September and they should all be on campus by the end of Monday 22 September.

As Monday is a normal working day, we anticipate some traffic congestion and increased parking problems. However, with your co-operation, we hope to minimise these problems and ensure the arrivals process runs as smoothly as possible.

On all three arrivals days special measures will be in place. From approximately 09.00 Saturday:

Congestion will be at its worst along the north access road as students unload from cars outside residences. Once unloaded, drivers will be asked to park in the formal car parks.

All staff are asked for their patience and forbearance at this time. If possible please do not bring cars onto campus (a good time to try public transport, car share or ride your bike?).

Note for Northern car park permit holders: Unfortunately the Northern car parks will be closed for all staff parking on Monday 22 September 2008 as the car park will be used for unloading freshers’ cars.

Members of staff who normally use these parking spaces are asked to park in the West Car Park for this day only.

Overflow parking will be available on the Medical Centre playing field.

Request from security: Please could drivers take extra care on the roads, so as to avoid student traffic marshalls, disorientated students and parents.

Request to students and staff: As you know, Bath is renowned for being a friendly campus so if you see a new student looking lost on campus next week, please take a minute to point them in the right direction - it could make a real difference to a potentially bewildering experience!

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding, and apologies for any inconvenience caused.