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Staff should email comments to
Annalisa Duff
Estates Department

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Your opinions about First buses will be passed on
Your opinions about First buses will be discussed at a weekly meeting

Internal News - 30 September 2008

Have your say about First buses

A new forum for students has been set up on the Students' Union website for comments or complaints about the bus services to and from the University.

The forum (See Related Links section) can be viewed by staff and students but postings and comments can only be made by students logged into the site.

Representatives from First have been given access to the Forum and will reply to complaints and comments online.

Staff should continue to email Annalisa Duff in the Estates department with any comments or complaints about the service.

Weekly meetings with First Bus, which are attended by representatives from the University and the Students' Union, will continue throughout the first semester and comments from staff and students will be raised at these meetings.