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Internal News - 12 January 2009

Travel insurance – new way to register trips

The University provides travel insurance for all overseas trips undertaken by staff and postgraduates on University related activities. Trips in the UK are also covered provided there is an internal flight or overnight stay.

There has been a change to the way that trips are registered. At the time of committing the University to any irrecoverable cost, details of the trip must be registered on the web-form on the insurance website –

After submitting your details, you will be provided with a summary of the cover and details of how to get help if something goes wrong while you are away. The details of your trip will be automatically recorded.

As well as providing medical help while you are overseas, the assistance company can provide a wealth of pre-travel advice, including up to date security advice on your destination, including bespoke text/email updates up to departure and during your trip.

Any feedback on the new system will be welcomed. Contact Simon Holt if you have any questions about insurance arranged by the University.