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The Honda Racing F1 Team share the inside story on racing innovation
The Honda Racing F1 Team share the inside story on racing innovation

Press Release - 23 January 2009

Public lecture: Innovations in Formula 1 design and development

Now fully booked

Local people can get the inside story on the fiercely competitive world of Formula 1 design and development at a free public lecture by the Honda Racing F1 Team at the University of Bath on Thursday 29 January.

The performance of each Formula 1 car is so evenly pitched that each team has to make swift, innovative developments throughout the season to remain in with a chance of winning.

Gary Savage, Operations Director of the Honda Racing F1 Team, will discuss how a new car is designed and developed and describe its evolution through the racing season. He will also discuss how the recent radical rule changes will affect the sport.

“Such is the pace of change that were a car to win the first race of the championship and not be developed in any way, it would be lapped and be last by the end of that same season,” said Mr Savage.

“The difference in performance of the cars competing in the series is within 1.5 seconds in a typical lap of 75-90 seconds i.e. less than 1.2 per cent. As a consequence there is constant and frantic development of the cars throughout the season as the teams search for the ‘unfair advantage’ with which to beat their competitors.

“The teams introduce new innovations in materials, aerodynamic, mechanical and electronic science and engineering at breath-taking speed. These innovations, be they conceived in-house or ‘borrowed’ from other industries, must be applied in such a way that their benefits are quickly realised and managed to ensure safety and reliability.”

The free event will be held in the University Hall at the Claverton campus. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm lecture start. To reserve a place please email Dr Chris Brace at A reservation is essential as the event is expected to be very well attended.

The event is organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Automobile Division, Western Centre. For information about their programme this year see the Related Links section.

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