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Internal News - 08 January 2009

JISC to significantly increase UKOLN funding from 2009

JISC, the Joint Information Systems Committee, has announced that it is significantly increasing its funding to UKOLN from 2009. This increase is both a mark of confidence in the work of UKOLN but also a recognition of the increasing importance of investment in a national e-infrastructure to support the UK's global competitiveness in science, research and innovation.

UKOLN is a JISC Innovation Support Centre based at the University of Bath, UK and provides strategic guidance, policy and advocacy support and technical expertise for JISC activities, and through those, to the sector as a whole. The increase in funding will ensure that UKOLN can work with the Higher Education sector and other stakeholders to test and implement technical standards and approaches to ensure information is managed and made available to support innovative research and learning in the UK. In particular this additional funding will strengthen community engagement and help to enhance deep technical capability.

Sarah Porter, Head of Innovation, JISC said “UKOLN has been central to the development of JISC digital information programmes and services; it gives me great pleasure to announce this investment that will help support the sector to respond to emerging requirements for research and learning and the opportunities that new technologies offer. ”

Dr Liz Lyon, UKOLN Director said “We are delighted to be awarded this substantial increase in our core funding, which reflects our key position in supporting JISC e-Infrastructure developments. The rapid evolution of open Web content and services, institutional investments in digital repositories and associated research support requirements, provide considerable challenges to institutions and the research community today and in the longer term. We look forward to a continuing role in supporting the JISC in the implementation and delivery of its Innovation Programmes.”

UKOLN also receives core funding from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) and celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2008.