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Professor Roy Jones
Professor Roy Jones

Internal News - 02 February 2009

RICE to feature in BBC series on Alzheimer's

Professor Roy Jones (School for Health) and the Research Institute for the Care of Older People (RICE) at the Royal United Hospital will be appearing on a new BBC series on Alzheimer's disease: 'Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer's'.

This two-part documentary, to be shown on BBC2 on Wednesday 4 February and 11 February at 9pm, follows Sir Terry Pratchett on a personal journey through the science and the reality of what it's like to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

The series shows Terry's race to find a cure as he endeavours to find ways of slowing, mitigating or even reversing its course.

Professor Roy Jones is Professor of Clinical Gerontology at the School for Health, the Director of RICE, and also works with the Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership in his role as the Clinical Lead for the NHS South West Dementias & Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network (DeNDRoN), which is based at RICE.