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Internal News - 04 February 2009

University Research Advisers - portfolios & priorities

Following our successful RAE 2008 results, four key priority areas have been identified for the University Research Advisers to concentrate on: postgraduate research students, research information management, international research partnerships, and communication.

Professor Richard Guy will focus on the first two:

Postgraduate research students are an essential part of our research community. Professor Guy will be reviewing our postgraduate research student provision with a view to increasing numbers and enhancing the experience of research students.

Robust systems of research information management are vital for ensuring that we manage, store and archive research data appropriately, and that we have up-to-date and complete information on publications and other research outputs.

The University online publications repository (OPUS) is already in place with over 12,000 references. Professor Guy will be ensuring that we have the right systems to support our research information management needs.

Professor Guy said: "I am looking forward to being part of these important developments. Improving the postgraduate research experience and increasing the quality and number of postgraduate students are key objectives for a credible and sustainable research-intensive university.

"Competent management of our research information at all levels, and establishment of a comprehensive and accessible repository of our output, are essential goals to Bath's future success in the era of the Research Excellence Framework".

Professor Geof Wood will focus on international research partnerships and communication.

Research partnerships are crucial for excellence in research. Many such partnerships are already active across the University. Professor Wood will be supporting these and developing new initiatives and networks.

‘Excellence with impact’ is central to our research identity. We therefore need to ensure that we have an effective and comprehensive approach to communication, ensuring our research is made available not only to the academic community but also to wider audiences of research users, including in industry, government and society in general. Thus Professor Wood will also focus on enhancing the impact of our research through improved communication.

As he says: "The University of Bath has always prided itself on the relevance of its knowledge to social and economic progress nationally and globally. We need to be sure that our excellent work continues to be acknowledged for its impact. In these dangerous times, well-founded contributions to the challenges facing society have never been more important."