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Internal News - 05 February 2009

Thursday 4.30pm update: University to cancel 8.15am classes tomorrow (Friday) but otherwise is aiming for business as usual

The University is currently planning to open for business as usual tomorrow, with the exception of its 8.15am classes which are being cancelled.

Students are warned that there may be disruption to other classes and services because some staff live in remote areas and may not be able to get to campus.

Staff are asked to make every possible effort to attend work in the interests of maintaining a normal service through the current bad weather. Staff using public transport should use the first available service if there are early morning cancellations.

Although the bus service to campus was suspended first thing this morning, buses were running again regularly by around 10am.

The University policy on adverse weather conditions provides that staff who are not able to attend work will need to take that day as unpaid or annual leave.

This will not apply for today or for any future days when the campus is closed.

We will be monitoring the weather and conditions on campus very carefully and will put a notice on the University homepage by 8am, if we are forced to close the campus for routine activities. Such a closure would also be announced on local radio stations.

Key service providers should contact their line managers for guidance in the event of such a closure.

We would like to thank all staff who have made it into work today and have helped to keep the campus running smoothly. Staff who need to leave work early to ensure that they can travel home safely are able to do so, with their manager's permission.