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Recreating earthquakes in a laboratory
Recreating earthquakes in a laboratory

Press Release - 09 February 2009

Shaken but not stirred- University hosts showcase presentation on earthquakes

How vulnerable are our historic buildings to earthquakes?

How can we preserve them from seismic tremors?

These questions and many more will be answered in two talks at the University of Bath which form part of its Showcase Presentations.

In the first talk, Dr Dina D’Ayala, of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, will discuss the development of methods to protect and preserve historic buildings from seismic damage.

It will be followed a presentation by Professor Andrew Plummer, Director of the Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control, on recreating earthquakes in a laboratory to test how buildings perform under extreme conditions.

Professor Plummer said: "Most engineered products, from cars and planes to medical implants, are thoroughly tested under a wide-range of real-life conditions before they reach the public. This testing is a valuable part of the development process. Most buildings however have not been tested, and their behaviour under extreme loading conditions, such as an earthquake, is only discovered when it happens."

The presentations will be held on Thursday 26 February at 2.30pm at lecture theatre 3WN 3.7, at the Claverton Campus.

Tickets are free and are available from Sheila Willmott on 01225 386631 or email

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