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DNA tetrahedron
A DNA tetrahedron will feature in Professor Turberfield's talk on DNA nanotechnology

Press Release - 13 March 2009

Public lecture: DNA nanotechnology

A public lecture at the University of Bath will provide a special opportunity to hear about world-class research into DNA, on Wednesday 18 March.

Professor Andrew Turberfield, from the University of Oxford, is one of only a handful of scientists in the world leading research into DNA nanotechnology.

He will describe recent work making ‘machines’ at a molecular level from DNA. These can act as tiny motors, potentially to deliver drugs or move things on a very small scale from one part of a cell to another.

Professor Turberfield said: “DNA is a wonderful material with which to build. It can act as a molecular glue, as the fuel for molecular engines, and as a structural material in self-assembling nanostructures.

“At its simplest, building with DNA is like building a Lego model by designing the bricks such that they can only fit together in one way - and then putting them in a bag and shaking it.”

The lecture will start at 4.15pm in the University Hall and is open to all. For more information please contact Dr Jonathan Cox in the Department of Chemistry.

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