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Dr Vasanta Subramanian
Dr Subramanian will be teaching in a series of stem cell workshops at the IISc

Internal News - 16 March 2009

Stem cell scientist to run workshops at the Indian Institute of Science

Dr Vasanta Subramanian (Department of Biology & Biochemistry) is returning to the institute in India where she did her PhD studies to share her expertise in using stem cells.

Dr Subramanian and scientists from the Department of Microbiology & Cell Biology, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore have been awarded a three year grant by the Indian government’s Department of Science & Technology as part of their Collaborative Projects with Scientists & Technologists of Indian Origin (CP-STIO) program.

Under this program, Dr Subramanian will be a visiting scientist at the IISc and will be organising and coordinating a practical course on stem cells and their applications annually for three years starting January 2010.

With other leading stem cell experts from the UK, US and India, she will be running practical workshops for postdoctoral scientists.

The IISc is India’s top research institute for science and technology and is currently celebrating its centenary year.

Dr Subramanian said: “I am excited and looking forward to organising and coordinating this course at IISc, particularly as this is where I did my doctoral studies.

“The IISc provided me many wonderful opportunities to develop a career in research.”