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The University of Alicante
The University of Alicante
El Esplanada in Alicante
El Esplanada in Alicante

Internal News - 06 March 2009

Learn Spanish in Alicante - free of charge

Under the Cooperation Agreement between the Universities of Bath and Alicante, there are opportunities for members of staff to acquire basic language skills, or to improve those that they already have, whilst learning about Spanish culture.

The courses and accommodation are free of charge and run in July and August.

For information and application forms, please email Silvana Stanford. Closing date for applications is 30 March 2009.

When asked what they had learnt from their experience, previous staff who benefited from the opportunity replied:

- "A bit of Spanish which I think I'll try to continue learning (thanks for the inspiration!); that I like Spanish people and their culture. I would recommend going if you are thinking about a differen and useful holiday!"

- "I discovered that, with a great deal of application, hard work, and an enthusiastic and capable teacher, I was able to achieve more progress than I had anticipated at the beginning of the course and consequently, I gained a diploma!"