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17 Mar 2009
Strict labour market regulation increases global unemployment, study shows
A study by Horst Feldmann (Economics & International Development) has shown that unemployment is increased in countries that have stringent labour market regulations. The research also suggests that the UK’s fairly flexible labour market regulation is likely to strengthen the economy’s resilience to weather the current global financial crisis.

16 Mar 2009
Stem cell scientist to run workshops at the Indian Institute of Science
Vasanta Subramanian (Biology & Biochemistry) is returning to the institute where she did her PhD studies to share her expertise in stem cell research by coordinating a number of workshops for postdoctoral students at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

10 Mar 2009
Bath helps to tackle the Litterbugs
Professor Alan Lewis has co-authored a new report - Litterbugs- which was which was launched in London today (Monday 9 March) by Think Tank Policy Exchange and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE). The report sets out a number of key recommendations to co-ordinate the clean-up across the country and includes a combination of education, enforcement and incentive.

10 Mar 2009
Tobacco Control Research Group to showcase research in Mumbai
Members of the Tobacco Control Research Group, comprising staff from the School for Health and Social and Policy Sciences, are taking part in the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in India.

10 Mar 2009
Change Exchange: forum celebrating National Science & Engineering Week
A chance for scientists and engineers to post their comments and views on the future of science and technology as part of the British Science Association's National Science & Engineering Week.

04 Mar 2009
‘Smart’ homes for dementia sufferers
Professor Roger Orpwood from the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering is leading a project that is developing technology that enables dementia sufferers to live independently at home.

25 Feb 2009
Spin-out company wins technology transfer award
A spin-out company from the University, n-psl, has won a Technology Transfer Award from One North East at the 2009 Grant for Research & Development Awards.

19 Feb 2009
Inaugural researchers’ conference explores new territories
Over 80 researchers from the University of Bath and other South West universities gathered together at the Bath Hilton Hotel for a collaborations conference which highlighted the benefits of interdisciplinary working.

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