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STEM4Britain at the Houses of Parliament

Second year PhD student Bethan Charles travelled to the Houses of Parliament to attend STEM for Britain Annual poster competition

Paper by late Dr Darrell Patterson

Dr Darrell Patterson's article has been published in the prestigious journal Chemical Reviews

Video: Mechanical engineering dragster challenge

Teams Mechanical Engineering students designed, built and raced spring-propelled dragsters

Taking Marie-Curie on a Eurotrip

Read the CSCT blog about the 5th Marie Curie Alumni Association Annual Conference and General Assembly in Leuven, Belgium

Designing and building a mini automated vehicle

Joshua Olaleye built a guided vehicle to compete in our mouse race group project, where the challenge is to complete a circuit in the fastest time

Sustainable soil-based construction

Soil-based construction materials could provide the poorest people with strong, affordable housing

Two bath undergraduates claim national awards

Undergraduates Rachel Hayden (Civil Engineering) and Charlie Francis (Accounting and Finance) have claimed awards at the national Undergraduate of the Year awards 2018

CSCT Blog: Bath Taps Into Science 2018

The Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies share their experiences at the recent Bath Taps into Science Festival

Video - What's it like studying civil engineering?

Student Freya Kille was approached by UniFrog to help them create a video about what it is like to study civil engineering at university

Sensors and cameras - launching a high altitude balloon

Read the latest blog Mechanical Engineering undergraduate Jacob Smith, on his quest to launch a camera into space

How antique buildings can be energy efficient

San Anton palace to serve as guide on how antique buildings can be energy efficient

Prof Sam Akehurst on the future of pistons and piston rings

Sam Akehurst comments on the future of pistons and piston rings in Engine Technology International magazine

5 steps for having a top-koality research visit

Dr Pedro Estrela: biosensors for bladder cancer diagnosis

Dr Pedro Estrela is working as part of the BLAC-EASSAY project to develop biosensors which could help with the early diagnosis for bladder cancer

Chris Brace on IAAPS - Engine Tech International magazine

Killer cars and rebellious robots

Dr Ben Metcalfe, Lecturer in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, writes about the future of robotics and why we are launching new courses in this area

I-SEE - Exploring accelerating climate change

University provides boost for regional SMEs

The University is to establish two new “business acceleration hubs” for advanced engineering and digital innovation SMEs in the region

University of Bath to provide boost to regional SMEs

The University of Bath is to establish two new “business acceleration hubs” for advanced engineering and digital innovation SMEs in the region.

Innovative camera technology to be launched into space to unravel the mysteries of lightning

A University of Bath scientist will see over 15 years of work realised today (Monday 2 April), when a scientific experiment his research has contributed towards will be sent into space for the first time.