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Scientists make plastic from Christmas trees

Scientists from our Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) have developed a renewable plastic from a chemical called pinene found in pine needles.

A Chemical Chorus: Andrew Hall recreates Ukrainian Bell Carol

A festive blog: Andrew Hall (CSCT) recreates the Ukrainian Bell Carol using sounds of chemical molecules interacting with radio waves in a magnetic field

Spotlight on our sustainability research

Our latest 50th Anniversary showcase in London focussed on our sustainability research

Dr Ulrich Hintermair (CSCT) awarded Catalysis Medal

Our CSCT Whorrod Research Fellow, Dr Uli Hintemair, has been recognised for his outstanding achievement in catalysis for multidisciplinary contributions to the development and applications of catalysts for sustainable chemistry, by winning the Sir John Meurig Thomas Catalysis Medal for top early career scientists working in the UK.

Expressions of Research exhibition - art engaging with research

Find out how artists have been working with our researchers at the Expressions of Research exhibition at 94-96 Walcot Street, Bath, 11am-6pm daily from 18-24 November.

I-SEE seminar - 'The view from here' 1 Nov

Professor John Loughhead from the Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy will share his thoughts on energy policy

Science & castles in the Czech Republic

CSCT PhD student Andrew Rushworth blogs about attending the tri-annual Germanium, Tin and Lead conference.

I-SEE seminar - 'The view from here' with Prof John Loughhead

Tue 1 Nov: Professor John Loughhead OBE FRENG FTSE, Chief Scientific Advisor & Director General at the Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy, will share his thoughts on energy policy following the result of the Referendum.

Green Chemistry conference in Venice

Marcus Johns, final year PhD student in CSCT, was accepted to present his research on Tissue Engineering.

Fuelling the future at the world’s third largest automaker

Leighton Holyfield (CSCT) secures an internship within the research arm of General Motors, in order to get some industrial experience, shatter his second year blues and see more of the world.

Successful CSCT symposium on CO2 utilisation

The symposium was organised in collaboration with I-SEE to celebrate the award of an honorary degree to Professor Michele Aresta in light of his lifelong contributions to carbon dioxide (CO 2) chemistry.

CO2 Symposium & honorary degree ceremony: Wed 5 Oct

This CSCT symposium to celebrate the award of an honorary degree to Professor Michele Aresta in light of his lifelong contributions to CO2 chemistry will bring together expert speakers from the UK with researchers at the CSCT to present the latest results of CO2 as a feedstock covering biotechnology, catalysis and process engineering.

Spot the the chemistry lab

An anonymous Physicist from the CSCT shares snippets of their life in the Chemistry labs.

Transatlantic project to break down polymers

We are collaborating with Brazilian & US researchers to keep carbon from polymers in the manufacturing loop

"I am my own case study for my PhD"

Ex-England decathlete, Jamie Courtenay, talks about what inspired his PhD research into tissue engineering

Jon Chouler wins 2016 Water Engineering Award

Jon Chouler, a PhD student from the CSCT, has recently been awarded the 2016 Water Engineering Award from the Worshipful Company of Engineers and International Water Association (IWA).

Signing my life away in the name of public engagement

Marcus Johns, PhD student in CSCT, describes his experience of getting involved in a recent Stand Up Science event.

Comedy: new addition to an academic's tool belt

Jon Chouler (CSCT) argues that because comedians are excellent delivers of points that you remember, very apt structurers of talks, and have a sterling speaking style, academics may be able to learn a thing or two from them.

The Brilliant Club: taking the PhD to the classroom

CSCT student Luke Williams takes his research into the classroom as part of the Scholars Programme, an initiative run by educational charity The Brilliant Club.

CSCT students take part at Cheltenham Science Festival

Public Engagement is a vital part of the CSCT, and every year our first-year students go to one of the UKs leading Science festivals, Cheltenham Science Festival.