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I-SEE seminar - Climate change: Does it all add up? Tue 13 Oct

Professor Chris Budd OBE, Department of Mathematical Sciences, will be leading a seminar for Institute for Sustainable Energy & the Environment (I-SEE) next Tuesday.

Balancing the costs & benefits of shale gas fracking

Professor Geoff Hammond (Mechanical Engineering) says there is clearly a need to carefully weigh the upsides and downsides of fracking as a new energy resource so as to better inform all the disparate stakeholders.

I-SEE seminar - Living in an uncertain world: Tue 29 Sep

Professor Richard D Pancost, Director of the Cabot Institute, University of Bristol, is leading a seminar for Institute for Sustainable Energy & the Environment (I-SEE).

New research to improve solar cells

New research from Professors Saiful Islam and Aron Walsh (Chemistry) could lead to more efficient solar cells.

No need to enter Clearing this year

We are one of the few universities to have filled all of our available places & will not be entering Clearing

I-SEE & CRiAC - Electric logic & electric love: Tue 28 Apr

A joint seminar about driving sustainable attitudes in the quest for sustainable consumption from the Institute for Sustainable Energy & the Environment (I-SEE) with the School of Management's Centre for Research In Advertising & Consumption (CRiAC)

Breakthrough means bright future for clean hydrogen power

Researchers at our University and Yale University have developed a new material for generating hydrogen from water, ready to use to use as a renewable and carbon neutral fuel.

Find out how to promote your research with The Conversation

Academics, researchers and PhD students are invited to a short introductory workshop on writing for The Conversation website on at 1:15pm on Monday 20 April.

I-SEE seminar - Ideas for a new political economy: Tue 14 Apr

Presented by Professor Malcolm McIntosh, Sustainable Enterprise, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.

I-SEE seminar - Ecotricity's energy outlook: Tue 17 Mar

The energy market has transitioned from one that was not at the forefront of people’s minds to one where every domestic price change from energy supply companies makes headline news. Why is this?

I-SEE: Is there a better future for UK agriculture? Tue 17 Feb

I-SEE - Affordable, secure, sustainable UK energy system: 3 Feb

A seminar by Andrew Haslett, Chief Engineer, Energy Technologies Institute (ETI): How can the UK transition to an affordable, secure and sustainable energy system?