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Finding a better way to detect plastic landmines

Carl Tholin-Chittenden, PhD student in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, blogs about his work for Sir Bobby Charlton’s Find A Better Way charity

Establishing UK-Turkey research links

Bath Biosensor Network hosted a four-day workshop for early career researchers from ten UK universities and ten Turkish universities to promote scientific collaborations between the two countries.

Improving prostate cancer diagnosis & prognosis

The University hosted the PROSENSE Conference on Prostate Cancer Diagnosis in September, as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Developing affordable, comfortable prosthetics

Fun, stress, excitement, uncertainty: Oscar Rovira (Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Engineering student), writes about overcoming the problem of costly and uncomfortable prosthetics, particularly for mine victims in war-torn countries.

PhD poster prize on Algorithms to improve medical imaging

Ander Biguri, PhD student from our Engineering Tomography Lab, recently won the European Network for LIGht ion Hadron Therapy poster prize for his work in motion correction algorithms in X-Ray CTs.

PhD student presents 3D-imaging research on landmines

PhD researcher Carl Tholin-Chittenden (Electronics & Electrical Engineering) presented his latest developments from the Find A Better Way funded project at the University of Bath at the 8th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography at Iguassu Falls, Brazil, last week.

Imaging research symposium with Nat History Museum

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, our Engineering Tomography Lab (ETL) group hosted the fourth Tomography for Scientific Advancement symposium (ToScA), which was run in association with the Natural History Museum (NHM) and Royal Microscopic society (RMS).

MCMC thematic semester

Take part to further the use of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method in research across campus

Pedro Estrela edits book on biosensors

Dr Pedro Estrela (Electronic & Electrical Engineering) is the guest editor of the book "Biosensor Technologies for Detection of Biomolecules" published by the Biochemical Society and Portland Press as a volume of the journal Essays in Biochemistry.

Fast, accurate 3D X-ray image construction

We are collaborating with CERN to improve imaging and reduce radiation doses for cancer patients

Working with Uni of São Paulo, Brazil

Dr Pedro Estrela's collaboration to develop biosensors for detecting prostate & breast cancer

Two Engineering graduates receive Bath BP Centurion awards

Sadik Zorlu and Maitham Dib have been recognised for their contributions to university life with a Bath BP Centurion award of £1,000.

RAEng Fellowship for groundbreaking work on superconductors

Congratulations to Dr Min Zhang (Electronic & Electrical Engineering), who has been awarded a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Research Fellowship to further her groundbreaking work into the use of high superconductors (HTS) for future electrical aircraft.

MEng students exhibit project work

Third-year Elec Eng students recently presented their work at the annual Group Business & Design Exhibition

Raj Aggarwal retires after over 40 years

Colleagues from across the University are warmly invited to mark the occasion of Raj's retirement with tea and cakes in Wessex House Restaurant on Tuesday 14 June at 4pm.

Manuch Soleimani edits latest edition of Royal Society journal

Dr Manuch Soleimani (Electronic & Electrical Engineering) has edited the latest edition of Royal Society journal on industrial process tomography.

New imaging technology could help save UK/EU steel industry

A researcher from the University of Bath has been awarded a new grant to develop an innovative way of assessing a key stage of the production of steel, greatly benefitting the competitiveness of the UK and EU steel industry.

Bath semiconductor research boosted by new nano-scale patterning equipment

The University of Bath is the only university in the UK to have installed a unique Nano-Lithography printing system, enabling Bath to lead the way in the development of advanced manufacturing techniques for nano-engineered semiconductors.

Students impress at Cisco Switch-Up Challenge

A team of students from Mechanical Engineering, Maths & Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Engineering has come third in the final of the Cisco Switch-Up Challenge with their idea for reducing food waste within the home.

Brammer pledges support to Bath’s engineering students

Brammer, the UK’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, is lending its support to both Team Bath Racing and Team Bath Racing Electric.